Laser navigation, AGV

The laser navigation AGV system is composed of the on-board system, the management system, the charging station and the upper WMS system. Through the monitoring of management system and the task of sending WMS system, the functions of AGV online display, task identification, path planning and transportation of goods are realized.

Product features:

Technical parameter:

1、Tracks can be easily changed

Dead weight

2、Shape customizable


Laser navigation

3、Stable operation

Maximum load

4、High positioning accuracy

Maximum walking speed

5、Independent patent rights

Maximum conveying speed


Walking accuracy

7、All key components are imported

Conveying and positioning accuracy

8、Material transfer mode can be customized

Minimum turning radius

9、The utility model is suitable for the places where the space is demanding and the track can not be paved

Climbing ability

10、Support for wireless terminal calls

Cross barrier ability

11、It adopts three layers of mechanical, electrical and software security protection

control model

Automatic, manual and semi-automatic

Power supply mode                                   

Deceleration mode

Mechanical and electrical deceleration

Charging cycle