Twin track shuttle car-5000Kg

The shuttle (RGV) there are two main forms of warehouse logistics equipment: shuttle type storage system and storage system of the shuttle to and fro, or circle, the trolley runs on a fixed track, the delivery of goods to the designated location or access equipment. Equipped with intelligent induction system, can automatically remember the origin position, automatic deceleration system.
Shuttle vehicles are equipment that comes with automated logistics systems and automated warehouses. It can be used either as a peripheral for a stereoscopic warehouse or as an independent system.
The shuttle bus can be easily connected with other logistics systems automatically, such as inbound and outbound platforms, various buffer stations, conveyors, elevators and robots, etc., according to the plan for the delivery of materials.
The shuttle bus does not need the personnel to operate, and the operation speed is fast. It reduces the workload of the warehouse administrator and improves the labor productivity. At the same time, the application of the shuttle bus can make the logistics system very simple.
Shuttle vehicles can be divided into reciprocating shuttle vehicles and circular shuttle vehicles according to their trajectory. According to the track form can be divided into single track shuttle car and double track shuttle car.
The shuttle bus table can be loaded with a variety of moving devices according to its purpose: fixed cargo platform, chain conveyor model, roller conveyor model, jack up and sliding fork type.

Technical standard


Max. loading


Max.   running speed


Max.   transferring speed


Positioning   accuracy ,running


Positioning   accuracy, transferring


Max.   running acceleration


Max.   transferring acceleration



frequency   conversion

Operation   mode

Automatic,   Semi-automatic

Power   supply

safe   trolley lines

Decelerating   mode

mechanical,   electrical