Automatic suspension trolley EMS

Automatic suspension trolley EMS

More modern equipment, mainly used to solve the lack of ground space, the need to lift the material problems.

Product features:

Technical parameter:

The weight of the single machine is large, and the track entities such as the straight line, the ring and the like can be used for transporting across the workshop, and can be temporarily stored on the space track to form a temporary storage location

Dead weight

Safety and reliability, and the use of the environment can meet harsh site conditions Maximum working load 20Kg-800Kg
The utility model has the advantages of low cost, low energy consumption, low failure rate and simple connection

control mode

The running speed can be adjusted, the maximum can reach 120m/min, the general straight line runs with high speed, the turning part adopts low speed, the brake is flexible and stable, and the stopping precision is high Maximum walking speed 120m/min
The crossbeam is decided according to the load size, generally is a single crossbeam, in the middle uses the multi layer hanging beam and the strut, reduces crossbeam deflection

Maximum acceleration

The main electrical components are all imported, the performance is stable and reliable, to meet the requirements of safety, stability and functionality Walking accuracy ±5mm
Can be interconnected with other equipment to meet the requirements of intelligent factories Minimum turning radius 0.8m
                                                            control model

Automatic, semi-automatic, manual

Power supply mode


Deceleration mode

Mechanical and electrical deceleration