Anhui youshi biotechnology development co., LTD

Project background: the optimal shi anhui biotechnology development co., LTD., is by the pew group (Hong Kong) international holdings co., LTD, China application industrialization research and development center and a group of microorganisms with modern enterprises successful experience of young and middle-aged experts and integration of domestic and international related research institutes jointly founded by famous scholars of science and technology enterprises. The company is located in antique xuan city state-level development zone in anhui province, with a total investment of 180 million, covers an area of 55 acres, has four domestic leading automation high-grade feed, biological feed production line, annual production capacity of 300000 tons. How to deal with these problems as the company's performance has grown in recent years, productivity is hard to come up, and labor costs are rising. 
Project summary: the optimal shi creatures in the use of the bot after automatic palletizing machine greatly reduces the human output of the factory, not only improve the production efficiency, and reduce the production cost, improve the capacity. Automated production in today's enterprise production operation plays an important role, automated production is in constant optimization and upgrading, innovation, enterprise in the fierce market competition, must assess the situation to survive and development.