What exactly is a palletizing robot?

Probably most people don't know what a stacker is, and I haven't even heard of it. I felt pretty fresh when I first started working with a stacker. In fact, the stacker is loaded into the container (such as: Cartons, bags, barrels and other materials) or packaged and unpackaged goods according to certain rules, are stacked on pallets, automatic stacking, stackable layers, and then transported to the warehouse for storage of forklift. Realizing intelligent operation and management can greatly reduce the labor force and reduce the labor intensity.
Now with the production enterprises increasingly increase, heavy physical labor, machinery instead of manual has become an inevitable trend, especially in some industries, the working environment is bad, occupation disease affecting people's health, replaced by mechanical labor can greatly reduce the occupation disease in poor working environment where. In terms of economic efficiency, we can see that a robot palletizing machine can replace six workers.
Palletizing machine structure of Hefei Obote's simple, easy maintenance and maintenance; robot palletizer can save a lot of space for the factory, all the control operation, the control cabinet screen interface is simple, anyone can monitor the operation. It can operate around the clock and save hundreds of thousands of human resources per year for the enterprise!