Product introduction:
The structure of hefei obote crib is simple, easy to maintain and maintain; Suitable for all kinds of boxes, bags, cans, barrels of palletizing and packaging materials such as heaps work, all actions can be installed on the control cabinet screen, interface simple, anyone can monitor management. Stacking robots are arranged to place the material in a tray, automatic stacking, stacking, and then using a forklift truck to the warehouse. Arbor tema buttress the robot can be all-weather operations, a machine can replace the six workers, the average annual cost can save hundreds of thousands of human resources for the enterprise, and realizing the intelligent operation management of factory!
Stack robot PK:
No injuries, no complaints; Solve the problem of labor; The maintenance cost is less than 1,000 yuan a year; To recover the cost within one year; The stack can be up to 1500 times per hour, and the eight-hour clock can replace nine workers. Function characteristics:
Touch screen, simple movement of linear motion, simple motion control program; Simple structure, low failure rate and easy maintenance. Simple and easy to handle, low power consumption, small footprint; It mainly consists of fewer parts. Little spare parts, low maintenance cost.
The power consumption is low, only a third of the same mechanical stacker machine, which occupies a small area and USES high efficiency. The application is flexible, and can handle up to four independent production lines for safety. The arms are light and firm, energy conservation and environmental protection; The program has 10 kinds of commonly used product stacking lines, and other special crib. The range of robots in the obotecode:
It is mainly used in the printing of high speed automatic stacking of various industries. 


Technical parameters:



Number of shaft

4 axis (6 axis) ABCD4 axis

Action way

Cylindrical coordinates type

Bearing capacity




Range of motion

A(Before and after)330°

B(Up and down)2300mm

CBefore and after1500mm

DBefore and after330°

Position repeatability




Teaching methods

Manual instruction/instruction/instruction exemption (optional)

Local weight


Action ability



Advantages of products:
The company is strong, the national high-tech enterprise
Hefei the bott automation equipment co., LTD. (China university of science and technology, hefei university of technology, hefei branch of Chinese academy of sciences and other colleges and universities, has a strong systems integration and automation project solving ability;
The industry experience is rich, the product type is much
The bot has focused on industrial robots, automated production lines, automatic solid warehouse, in the field of intelligent logistics cluster development, industry experience, can be customized according to your requirement that you need products.
It is used for a number of professional talents and service
The bot has gathered a group of high-level, high-quality professional and technical personnel, with leading products, technology and industry solutions, continuous research and development and produce more quality products, for your choice!

------Video in the field stack case of the obote crib------