Gecko technology

Project background: the gecko technology is a major production of medium and top grade lube oil, grease, car maintenance supplies, auto parts, which integrates high-tech enterprises, the company has 200000 tons/year of lubricating oil production line, 50000 tons/year production line, grease 50000 tons/year of automobile maintenance products production line. In the face of such a large capacity, relying on the strength of the artificial to cargo handling and palletizing, not only inefficient, but also the cost is relatively high, in the long run, it will be a big cost. How to emancipate the surplus labor force, improve the efficiency of production, become the problem that the gecko technology is urgent! 
Project summary: according to the gecko technology for product size, production, and inventory transportation requirements, the engineering department provides a complete set of palletizing solutions quickly, including gripper design, pallet crib shape design, design of tray, tray library system design, etc., recognised by the height of the customer! After the operation, it saves the cost and the management cost of the stack, makes the warehouse site orderly and improves the image of the enterprise.