Aubert successfully passed the identification and certification of the fourth batch of new products in anhui province in 2016

Hefei the bott automation equipment co., LTD. "stacker crane sungreat - 210" for product innovative design, reasonable structure, advanced performance applicable, have new function, with good economic and social benefits, through anhui province in 2016 the fourth batch of new products and get a certificate of identification. 


In anhui province is very strict to the requirement of new product identification, declare the products to meet the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards or the technical and economic indicators standards required by the user; To have all the process procedures, operational rules, safety procedures and inspection and quality control measures necessary for the production of production; The product quality should be qualified and stable, and the company has a better quality system, the technical index is advanced, and the user responds well. It is in accordance with the relevant provisions of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and sanitation. 
On December 22, 2016, in hefei in anhui province economic and information committee organization held in hefei the bott automation equipment co., LTD stacker crane, new products developed by the organization expert appraisal, audit, the bot company complete technical data, data is truthful and accurate, and agree with the bot "stacker crane sungreat - 210" for the new products in anhui province in 2016. 
The approval of the new product in anhui province, which reflects the transformation ability of aubert's scientific and technological achievements, also lays the foundation for the future application of various kinds of science and technology projects.