Warm congratulations on the establishment of the aubert wuhan branch

With the enlargement of the talbot business, in order to better develop brand promotion, to accelerate the process of the bothe the market competition strategy, provide localized service, shorten the service response time, the company management research and decided to open a branch in wuhan, is responsible for market services in wuhan and the surrounding cities. The establishment of the wuhan branch marks another milestone in the development of aubert.

The bot since its inception, has been committed to the r&d and production of automation equipment, its SUNGREAT series of palletizing robot is widely used in grain and oil/chemical/food/feed/fertilizer/beverage and other industries, has many well-known manufacturers of successful cases. The abbot was an wuhan branch has more than two hundred square meters office area, more than 20 people marketing services team, hope to be able to better serve the talbot brand business. I believe that under the cooperation of hefei headquarters and wuhan branch, the performance of aubert in wuhan will be flourishing! It is.