Hefei Obote Automation Equipment Co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing, promotion& sell,  service and training of color sorter, industrial robots and automation production line for years. Having strong system integration, automatic project solving ability and perfect after-sales service system, we obtained the rewards like "Innovation Enterprise of Hefei City", "Software Technology Enterprise", "High-tech Enterprise (national)" and other honors. With fast development in past years and the company business scope covering from the industrial robot to intelligent storage, the Obote wholly owned subsidiary of Hefei Giatia Automation Engineering Technology co., LTD. (www.giatia.com) who is entirely responsible for design and development of intelligent logistics warehousing system, for our company's future development strategy.

We locate in Hefei, which is one of three “National Comprehensive Science Center” cities in China, with employee of 160 people presently. Our research and development team is contributed by a group of talents/professors from Tsinghua, USTC, and other excellent genius of national key university graduates, with  number of technology patents in hands. We are one of the few manufacturing enterprises in China controlling the core technology of color sorter,  stacking robot and automatic logistic equipment/storage. 

Having been in the field of color sorter, industrial robot more than 16 years and with the help of first-class laboratory and testing equipment, we successfully R&D, manufacture and market the color sorter and complete automatic palletizing line for our customers all over world. Tailor-made service can be provided as the personalized custom products, to satisfy users with full automatic production line and turn-key solution.

We engineer our customerssuccess!